Marilyn Krug fine art
Marilyn Krug fine art

Acrylic and Oil Paintings

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I wish to thank all who visited my studio during the recent Willamette Valley Open Studio Tour in September 2016. If you have been referred by one of mys gallery representatives please let me know, so I can honor my sales commission contracts with them.
The joy of sharing my art makes the effort of making my art more complete.
There is much more art that is not on my website because it is in galleries, sold before it was photographed or just waiting to be photographed and uploaded. My studio work is available; please call to make an appointment. When visiting one of my representative galleries, please be aware that wall space these days is limited in galleries, and often there is inventory available upon request as work is often rotated. Thank you for visiting!

Artist Statement

My painting style won't fit into a neat box, but may be described as contemporary abstract expressionism. I favor scapes, whether landscape or skyscrapes, desert scapes or indefinable. I explored and painted in so many styles I can't list them all. representational artist, as we all do. I dabbled in watercolor in 1996, as a “purist” in transparent watercolors, eventually jurying into the Oregon Watercolor Society. I explored and painted in natural pigments and other mediums, including acrylic, soft pastels, oil, oil pastels, wax and collage. In 2001 I was able to begin painting 'full-time' and shortly began exhibiting, teaching, and jurying exhibits and festivals. My niche settled into mostly "scapes" of layered color and texture within form. Major influences include teachers James Kirk, Skip Lawrence, as well as the modern and classic painters J. M. W. Turner, Diebenkorn, Wayne Thiebauld, Chuck Close, and many more. My immersion continues to informmy work through theinfluence of color and nuanced effects.


Marilyn Krug is a native Oregonian. She lives in West Salem with a backyard full of squirrels, chipmunks, and hundreds of birds. Her passion for drawing and painting has been with her from earliest memories. “My home is surrounded by hillsides graced by old White Oak Savannah and fir trees, and close to the Pacific Ocean. I am inspired by nature and architectural form, which are reflected in representational as well as abstract works.”

Marilyn enjoys teaching acrylic, mixed media and watercolor. When not painting, Marilyn enjoys bird watching, travel, photography, and literature.


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