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Marilyn Krug fine art


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"Create a Series: Acrylic Media Discovery"

No classes scheduled at this time; recovering from hand surgery...(2010)

Marilyn occasionally takes a break from painting to teaches a workshop or class series. In a student assessment of her classes, Marilyn was rated highly for her clear objectives, knowledge, preparation, enthusiasm, willingness to give personal help, and selection of instructional materials. Students were asked "What was good about this course?" Read how students responded:

"Good demos and opportunities to get help with painting issues and questions."

"Good variety of information offered."

"Good overall introduction.... covered a lot and made it interesting."

"[Good] examples of student and teacher's art - elements of design."

"Interesting - fun - motivating. Marilyn is great."

Staff observation resulted in the following comments:

"I found Marilyn to be responsible, dependable, reliable, professional and organized. She was a fun and caring instructor who was "game" to take on a new class."

"She understands the needs and characteristics of adult students. "

"She created a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for learning."

"Though she has a very high level of skill in her field, Marilyn was able to show interest and enthusiasm for her students' work no matter what their level of skill."




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